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We are a trading company that brings genuine Brazilian products to the international market. Get to know Sperafico, see the results in the exportation of your products.

About us

The success of brazilian products abroad

The Sperafico Trading was founded in 1989 with the objective of contributing to Brazilian companies for the inclusion of their products in the international market. Working initially in the exporting of hand tools to South American countries, the company added to its portfolio, products for tannery, decorative papers and pine products, among others, reaching markets like the U.S., Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Currently, Sperafico does business with more than 20 countries, acting decisively for the success of Brazilian companies abroad.


Genuine Brazilian

The products represented by Sperafico are manufactured in Brazil, originating from small, medium and big manufacturers to meet the demand of customers in several countries of world. The main segments served by our trading company are: cutting tools, decorative papers, water pumps, construction industry, tannery and food service. Sperafico also exports its own brand of products "Sperafico Volpe".

Sperafico Volpe


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